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California stops Moderna vaccine batch after severe allergic reactions

One of California’s mega-sites for administering COVID-19 vaccine shots slowed operations after six healthcare workers had severe allergic reactions to the Moderna vaccine. The symptoms were severe enough to where each need to receive medical attention. As a result, California’s top epidemiologist, Dr. Erica Pan, told healthcare workers to stop using a batch of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine.

The allergic reactions happened at Petco Park in San Diego, California, the site of San Diego’s “Vaccination Super Station” that is capable of giving 5,000 vaccinations per day.

Which Moderna COVID-19 vaccine batch is this?

The batch of COVID-19 vaccines is Moderna lot 041L20A. This batch was distributed to nearly 300 different medical providers across the state of California. The batch arrived to those health care providers in California between January 5 to January 12th.

One of the vaccine dose recipients who experienced a severe allergic reaction, Diana Cannizzo, was interviewed by NBC news. She said she will not be taking the second dose, after being hospitalized for 4 hours after receiving the vaccine. She did say while being interviewed that she doesn’t think this means that you should not receive a vaccine. However, if you did receive a COVID-19 vaccine and experienced severe side effects, you should not take the second shot.

Here’s a clip below from NBC news below.

With the large number of people who are receiving COVID-19 vaccinations, it is normal for a very small percentage of those taking a vaccine to experience side effects.

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