Athletes who have collapsed during play or training in 2021 / 2022

Are the COVID-19 vaccines causing heart and respiratory problems in athletes?

Much has been made about athletes collapsing on the pitch, in the middle of games, practices or working out. While most people have talked about soccer (football) players, athletes from many different sports have had heart or breathing related issues, some even ending in death.

Many people wonder if all the stories they hear of athletes events are related to COVID-19 vaccines. Most vaccine proponents are quick to reject this idea and fail to even consider the possibility that vaccines could be responsible, while on the other hand, people who are against COVID vaccines are dead set on the idea that the vaccines are definitely the cause. Both hard line positions are wrong, as is usually the case with people whose judgement is clouded by cognitive bias. The truth, of course, lies somewhere in between. Sometimes the vaccines are absolutely responsible while other times it may not have anything at all to do with an event.

While in many cases there is no way to be certain if the vaccine was completely responsible for an athlete who suffers a cardiac related event or death, the question should absolutely be brought up and considered when there have been many reports of issues like the ones we have listed below.

The table below includes news stories of athletes who have had an issue that may be related to receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. This does not mean that each case was caused by the vaccine but further investigation is warranted.

Note: This table is scrollable, so scroll to the right to see more columns if you are on a smaller device. We are working on updating this table so there are links to the news sources that have reported these stories.

Athlete NameAgeSportWhat happenedDateTeam
Ousmane Coulibaly 32SoccerFootball game abandoned after player collapses on field.1/10/22Al Wakrah
Nikoloz Basilashvili29TennisWorld tennis number 22 forced to quit Australia Open after clutching chest and being ‘out of breath’1/7/22
Fabienne Schlumpf31RunningOlympic Athlete Develops Myocarditis post vaccine, Possible End Of Career1/7/22
Jordan GlynnBasketballAlmost one year after he suffered cardiac arrest, Wisconsin Lutheran’s Jordan Glenn collapses on basketball court for a second time1/7/22
Miroslav Strbak32MMA FighterSuffers heart attack during training1/7/22
Soufian Lokar30SoccerCollapses during game due to heart attack, passes away12/26/21
Thottiyanda Somanna23HockeyDies in the middle of a game; heart attack suspected12/25/21
Marin Cacic23Soccercollapses during training, passes away due to heart failure12/24/21Croatia
Omani Al Raqadi29SoccerOman international footballer collapses during warm-up, passes away12/23/21
Kevin Gourdon31RugbyEnds career due to cardiac issues12/21/21
Oscar Cabrera26BasketballCollapses on court mid-game.12/19/21
Martin Terrier24FootballTaken off pitch after pointing to chest12/17/21Rennes
Richard Harward24BasketballOut for season due to cardiovascular issue.12/14/21BYU
Piotr Zielinski27SoccerNapoli mid-fielder taken off pitch after he motioned to chest and neck12/12/21Napoli
Dimitri Lienard33SoccerMidfielder collapses during game12/9/21FC Strasbourg
Jake Lever25collapses during training12/8/21Melbourne
Stefan Jelovac32Basketball12/6/21AEK Athens
Fabio Pedretti27Runnersuffers cardiac arrest during night trial, passes away
12/4/21Italian professional
Joachim Gerard32Tenniscollapses during game in Tokyo after heart problems12/2/21Belgian Paralympic
Siobhan Cattigan26Rugbypasses away suddenly12/1/21Stirling County
Charlie Wyke29Soccercollapses at training, out for foreseeable future11/25/21Wigan Athletic
Adam Traore26Soccercollapses on pitch during champions league game11/24/21
Adama Traore25SoccerWent down clutching his chest while playing against Real Madrid11/24/21Sheriff Tiraspon
John Fleck30Soccermidfielder collapses mid-game11/23/21Sheffield United
Greg Luyssen22Cyclistforced to end his cycling career after developing heart problems caused by the COVID-19 vaccine.11/21/21Belgian
Caen Moore22Wrestlerdies unexpectedly11/18/21
Héctor Vilellas27Runnerdied in hospital after suffering heart attack during a track race11/17/21NSU
Tirell Williams19Footballfreshman lineman passes away after collapsing on pitch during practice11/14/21Fort Scott
Florian Dagoury34FreediverWorld Record holder in static breath-hold freediving diagnosed with myocarditis post Pfizer11/6/21
Boris Sadecky24Hockeydies of heart attack during hockey game11/4/21Slovak
Sergio Aguero33SoccerDiagnosed with cardiac arryhthmia11/2/21Barcelona
Emil Palsson28SoccerRequired resuscitation after cardiac arrest11/2/21Icelandic
Vittoria Campo23Soccersuffers cardiac arrest and passes awayNov-1Palermo
Benedikt Kirsch25SoccerMidfielder and captain collapses during game11/1/21Bayreuth
Doudou Faye35BasketballPassed away unexpectedly due to heart attack11/1/21Sportif Sfaxien
Blaine Minnesota28Hockeyhigh school hockey player collapses and stops breathing on ice11/1/21
Sergio Aguero33SoccerBarecelona star striker admitted to hospital for cardiac exam after match10/31/21Barcelona
Emil Palssono28Soccermidfielder collapses due to cardiac arrest during game10/31/21Sognal
Mohammad Islam30Soccercollapses mid game, passes away10/28/21Raziq Football Club Chaman
Raphael Dwamena26BW Linz forward collapsed due to heart attack during Austrian Cup third-round against Hartberg10/28/21
Jayson Kidd12Basketballdied after collapsing while doing basketball warm-ups at middle school10/28/21
Tevita Bryce28RugbyCollapsed on the field while playing. He was in the ICU for days, following a heart attack on the field and then another on the operating table.10/27/21Montclair Norsemen
Benjamin Taft31Soccercollapses after game, passes away due to heart attack10/25/21SV Unterferrieden
Michaël Englebert37Soccerpasses away due to heart attack following game10/25/21FC Ortho
Halil Elitok25Soccermidfielder collapses on pitch due to cardiac arrest, in coma10/25/21SG Gahmen
Elly Böttcher17SoccerCollapses during away game, transported to hospital10/25/21Rostock FC
Cienna Knowles19EquestrianA “super healthy” teen equestrian competitor who was hospitalised last week with blood clots in her chest has blamed the potentially “life-changing” injuries on the Pfizer vaccine.10/21/21
Meghan Roth34Runnercollapses during Boston marathon due to cardiac episode10/20/21
Ronaldo Cisneros24Soccersuffers heart problem that could end his career10/18/21Chivas
Ava Azzopardi14Soccercollapses and suffers cardiac arrest in the under-14/15s grand final.10/18/21Runaway Bay
Avi Barot29Cricketcricketer suffers cardiac arrest, passes away10/16/21Saurashtra
Felipe Defender18Soccersuffers cardiac arrest during training10/13/21Atlético-GO
David Jenkins31DiverOlympic silver medalist diver unexpectedly passes away10/12/21
David Jenkins31DiverOlympic silver medalist diver unexpectedly passes away10/12/21
Ewan Fraser30HockeySuffered cardiac arrest10/11/21Glasgow
Ryan Bowman29Soccerstriker suffers heart palpitations mid-match during Town’s League One game with Ipswich Town10/9/21Schrewsbury
Kyle Warner27Pro BMXpro BMX cyclist has pericarditis post vaccine10/8/21
Jeremy Chardy34Hockeyforward out indefinitely due to myocarditis10/3/21Oilers
Josh Archibald28HockeyOilers hockey forward out indefinitely due to myocarditis10/3/21Oilers
Brandon Goodwin26Basketballcareer over due to blood clots10/3/21Atlanta Hawks
Jacob Downey19Hockeypasses away after medical emergency10/1/21Queens
Antoine Méchin31Triathathletesuffers pulmonary embolism following Moderna. puts an end to his season and “would not get vaccinated again if it had to be done again”9/27/21Saintais
Ivan Hicks16Footballdies from cardiovascular issues9/27/21Philadelphia High School
Jamie Hamilton19Footballdies from cardiovascular issues11/6/21Philadelphia High School
Tom Felton34GolfCollapses during golf game9/24/21
John Stokes21Golfhospitalized with heart inflammation and developed myocarditis from the vaccine.9/22/21Tennessee Uni
Alex Stalock34Hockeygoalie out for the season due to heart condition9/22/21NHL Oilers
Helen EdwardsRefereereferee taken off court during World Cup qualifier due to heart issues9/21/21
Kingsley Coman25Soccerstar striker under goes heart surgery after he was discovered to have an irregular heartbeat, his club confirmed.9/17/21Bayern Munich
Name Unknown19Soccersuffers cardiac arrest during training with team9/17/21FC Nantes
Raul Marte19SoccerSC Austria Lustenau midfielder diagnosed with pericarditis9/16/21
Parys Haralson37FootballDied unexpectedly9/13/21Former 49ers/Saints Linebacker
Abou Ali22Soccerprofessional footballer collapses on pitch during game9/12/21Inter Milan
Frederic LartillotSoccercollapses in changing room, passes away due to heart attack after game9/11/21Nurieux-Volognat
Dylan Rich19Soccersuffered sudden cardiac arrest on the field, passes away9/9/21
Dave Hyde29RugbyCollapsed in the changing rooms, passes away9/8/21Henley
Jens De Smet27Soccercollapses on field, passes away of heart attack9/6/21FCC Filosoof
Florian Ploner22Soccercollapses during game due to heart attack9/5/21SC Ferlach
Okafor Kelechi21Footballnewly recruited footballer dies after collapsing during training9/4/21Lion heart Football Club
Ewan Fraser30Field HockeyHeart stopped for over 10 minutes after he collapsed in the middle of game9/4/21
Vinny Curry33Footballout for season due to blood clots8/25/21Jets
José dos Reis29Soccercollapsed during game8/24/21Red Black Pfaffenthal
Roy Butler23Soccersuffers massive “brain bleed,” dead four days after experimental Johnson & Johnson viral vector DNA injection8/23/21Watford FC
Lee Moses29FootballHe suffered chest pains during practice and died after an unexpected heart attack8/23/21Palmerston North FC
Fabrice Nsakala31Soccercollapsed on pitch during game8/22/21Besiktas
Dimitri McKee19FootballCollapsed during a team practice due to heatstroke. Three days later, McKee died at a hospital in Birmingham.8/21/21Robert E. Lee
Cameron Dale29Sailordies after catastrophic stroke8/20/21
Jente van Genechten25Soccercollapses on field due to heart attack8/18/21Lanaken
Samuel Kalu24Soccercollapses minutes into game8/16/21Bordeaux
Quandarius Wilburn19Footballdied after collapsing during football practice.8/10/21Virginia Union University
Rune Coghe18Soccersuffers cardiac arrest on pitch after vaccine8/7/21Royal Dottignies
Daniel Brito23BaseballMinor league baseball player collapses on pitch due to stroke7/31/21Philadelphia
Ricardo Ladinetti20SoccerItalian professional football player ends season due to heart disorder7/30/21Cagliari
Whitnee Abriska19Handballhandball professional passes away following cardiac arrest7/26/21
Santo Giuliano33Dancersuffered cardiac arrest following Pfizer vaccine7/26/21
Kjeld Nuis31Olympic SkaterDiagnosed With Pericarditis After Receiving Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine7/22/21Netherlands
Pedro Obiang29SoccerProfessional footballer Pedo Obiang has been diagnosed with myocarditis after his COVID-19 vaccination. Obiang, 29-years-old, received his COVID shot in July and was hospitalized shortly after with heart problems.7/21/21
Mirko Kido36Collapsed during a training session. Footage shows the French striker suddenly collapsing to the ground and receiving urgent medical attention.7/14/21
Mike SalaseRugbydies while playing the game7/10/21Northland
Jen Gouveia38Runnersuffered cardiac arrest during a run7/8/21
Yusuke Kinoshita27BaseballDies 5 Weeks After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine. Kinoshita was hospitalized after collapsing during practice on July 6th and then put on a ventilator until his death on August 3rd. He had received his vaccine just eight days prior to his collapse.7/6/21
16WeightliftingA 16-year-old youth collapsed following a weightlifting session six days after his first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty Covid-19 vaccine.7/5/21
Chinelle Henry26Cricketsuddenly collapsed and later on her very close friend and team mate Chedean Nation collapsed too7/3/21
Chedean Nation35CricketCollapse on Field During 2nd T20I Against Pakistan Women7/3/21
Frédéric Loth40Soccersuffers cardiac arrest during training7/1/21FC Salouël
Kamila Label-Farrel19BasketballUni Basketball Star died unexpectedly6/17/21Basketball
Paul Zisper27Basketballhas emergency surgery after brain hemorrhage related to J and J6/15/21Munich
Christian Eriksen29SoccerCollapses at Euros due due to heart failure. Suffered heart attack6/12/21Denmark
Christian Eriksen29SoccerCollapses at Euros due to heart issue6/12/21
Victor Lindelof27SoccerBreathing problems in middle of game and after had to train with heart manitor.5/11/21Manchester United
Josh Downie24Cricketdies after heart attack at practice5/10/21
Roider Carbera30Basketballsuffers cardiac arrest and collapses on pitch5/4/21AEK Athens
Luis Ojeda20Soccerfootball player unexpectedly passes away4/26/21Argentine
Devaraj Anchan33VolleyballCollapsed while playing in a tournament and died on the way to hospital3/28/21
Charlie Wyke28SoccerCollapsed in training, was given CPR.3/26/21Wigan
Jack Draper19Tenniscollapses at Miami Open3/26/21
Moussa Dembele29SoccerCollapsed in training3/23/21
Emmanuel Antwi18Footballdied after collapsing during game3/22/21Kennedy High
Raymond van Barneveld54DartsCollapses and recieves paramedic attention3/19/21
Miguel Lugo17FootballCollapsed and died after football practice3/2/2021Wallkill High School
Logan Luker27Rugbyrugby player who ‘gave his heart’ to the game dies suddenly2/11/21Penygraig RFC
Garissone Innocent20SoccerFell unconscious during game1/30/2021SM Caen
Greg van Aevermat36Cyclistloss of form since vaccine1/9/21
Alex Apolinario24SoccerBrazilian soccer player dies after collapsing on pitch during match1/8/21